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Alice Clay Realty

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Bringing Rental Properties and Renters Together

At Alice Clay Realty, I know how to turn those homes and condos for rent into occupied property. With more than 40 years of experience, I'll bring landlords and qualified renters together for a mutual relationship.

As an experienced REALTOR®, I am honest. I will tell you the truth about a situation, no matter how hard it may be to hear. I never mislead my clients, especially in regards to the worth of a property. I will also explain the details of each rental without hiding anything. I would rather be upfront with you than have you dissatisfied with my services.

For Rental Owners
It can be challenging to find a new tenant for your property. You want someone who is reliable and can afford to stay at the property. I'll take care of it for you. In fact, I will personally write the lease and review it with you.

For Renters
Spending your time looking over Craigslist ads or driving around town, trying to find a property for rent is time-consuming. I'll save you time and stress by helping you find exactly what you want and can afford.

I make your search for the ideal property or buyer easy and stress free. Just give me an idea of where you would like to live. I'll dedicate myself to finding you the perfect rental property, whether you want an apartment, condo, or house.

Many of the owners I work with are willing to negotiate prices for long-term rentals if there are clients looking to rent more than a year. If you're in the military, I have some great options for you, including places that are near freeways and facilities.